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It's common to think that as we get older, we will become frailer. And our bodies certainly can weaken and become more vulnerable to injury, disease and decline. Mentally we can become less alert, slower in thought and understanding.

But is this decline inevitable? Is it really all we have to look forward to?

Having studied and practised exercise for health and well-being for over 30 years,  my answer is "No! Physical and mental decline is neither inevitable nor irreversible!".

We can improve our health and physical fitness at any age through gentle exercise. I have seen the proof in hundreds of older people in their 50s and up to their 80s. I have helped people of all ages to:

- Become more mobile and flexible
- Gain stamina and endurance
- Have more energy
- Look and feel stronger
- Feel healthier
- Feel refreshed and mentally more alert
- Be more relaxed
- Feel calmer in the mind and more at peace
- Have more capacity to deal with life

On these pages you will find a range of easy-to-follow exercise DVDs which are suitable for elderly people of all levels of fitness (and for younger people too - everyone can benefit!). For those who lead a sedentary life and who feel weak and unfit, there are seated exercises that gently build stamina and energy. Gentle standing exercises build strength and fitness further and are available in progressively demanding stages.

By following these exercises suitable for the elderly, older people and those of all ages, at your own pace, three times a week, you will reap the benefits.

Later in life we have more free time. Why not use this time to energise and enliven mind and body?

We can improve and develop our physical and mental capacity rather than gradually allowing it to diminish. These exercises will help you to do that and you can follow them in your own time, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

I wish you health, well-being and peace of mind.
Safe exercises suitable for the elderly and those recovering from stroke and injury
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Exercise for the elderly, safe and suitable for those recovering from stroke and injury
Seated Chair Exercises DVD and Gentle Standing Exercises, suitable for all including seniors.
Seated exercise DVDs suitable for elderly people
Gentle exercises on DVD for elderly health and wellbeing
Older fitness - exercise DVDs suitable for elderly people
Here is a short extract from Glyn Williams' 50 minute chair based Seated Exercise DVD suitable for elderly people. These chair based exercises are done sitting down and are gentle, effective and suitable for all, including the elderly.

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Exercise DVDs and health tips for older people
Chair based and standing exercise DVDs suitable for elderly people
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Seated and standing exercises on DVD for older people
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Follow-Along Seated (Chair)  and Standing Exercise Programmes to help older people:

- Increase mobility and flexibility

- Gain stamina and endurance

- Increase energy levels

- Look and feel stronger

- Feel healthier

- Feel refreshed and alert

- Be more relaxed

- Feel calmer and more at peace

- Increase capacity for daily life